About us

Hotel Pyramid of the Sun (formerly Motel Pyramid of the Sun, Hollywood) is located in the center of Visoko. Visoko is the city of kings, the place of rule and coronation of Bosnian kings, a city of tolerance, tradition and trade. With the discovery of the Pyramids of the Sun, the Moon and the Dragon our city looks forward to welcoming many tourists. Visoko is an unavoidable place in a millennium long tradition. Upon exiting our hotel You will step onto the main street which is a known walk with many boutiques, shops, cafes etc.

In the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Pyramid of the Sun there are various religious buildings which make our city special. Visoko is one of the few cities that have such richness. A minute away from our hotel You can also find an art gallery, a museum and places for fitness and recreation. At the entrance to the Hotel Pyramid of the Sun You will be welcomed by our forthcoming personnel who will give You all the necessary information in order to make Your stay a pleasant one.